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Tropical Storm - Melissa Good A good book, though sometimes it drags too much for its own good. It'd probably be better all-around if it had fewer pages and the book was more packed instead.

Also, notwithstanding it's set in the real world there are quite few 'inconsistencies'. The story happens in the 1999th but it's too techie for its time though it doesn't mind much, and with a rather naïve punch to it—Kerry getting through a firewall ... etc.

Both protagonist, Dar and Kerry are pretty sweet and likeable. It was nice for a change to read about someone who's not a total butch and yet still can take care about oneself.

Furthermore the story is pretty good and a notch higher than it's usual in the genre. But still, I can't give it four stars. Its length just felt kinda artificial and there was too much makes-me-yawn moments.