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Bloody Claws - Winter Pennington I got conflicting feelings about this one.

The story as is usual, starts off great but later on falters and becomes hardly existent almost until the end, where some should-be-important but guess what it's not conclusion happens.

Another thing I truly dislike is that main protagonist had become pretty sluty again (is it really so hard to embrace self-control a bit?). And again, rest of the author's books have the same problem so probably I should've seen it coming.

Overall I think maybe the author should stop putting so much sex into her work just for sake of sex and next time rather put more though into story, characters and other aspects.

I like her books, but they all shares, more or less, the same exact pattern and it gets tiresome after a while.

I also feel, author pushes "lesbian thing" too much sometimes. It leaves one wondering if there is at least one person straight.