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Aftershock - K.G. MacGregor I liked the first book better. Although this one was actually pretty fun—though a touch on the naïve side—by half of the book it somehow lost its charm and started to feel more and more like a cliché.

Most irritating is the whole Lily alcoholism thing—that's or at least gives that impression—the central theme of the book. Nevertheless, it just feels like a random thought that popped out of the author's head. If that's how she thinks of alcoholics and alcoholism she has yet to see one, and by those standards there is a great deal of population amongst them.

Furthermore the advice about enabler and 'she truly has to face the consequences' is kinda ... well ridiculous. It'd probably took months or more likely even years for Lily to 'face to the consequences'. And then another months or years for her to pull through. Still, if she'd be able to do so by then.